Sustainable is development „that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and choose their own lifestyle."

Sustainability management

 Ecological evaluation of logistical activities
Social evaluation of supply chains
Green logistics and corporate social responsibility
 Decision-making processes for sustainable management

Sustainable supply chains

 Optimisation of inland waterway and maritime navigation

Technical innovation of supply chains
Intermodal supply chains

Sustainable logistics

Traffic origins and traffic consequences research (e.g.
   globalisation, decoupling discussion)
 Concepts of commercial transport
 Urban compatible construction logistics
 Concepts of urban logistics

Resource efficiency

 Cost reduction
 Optimisation of processes and procedures
 Identification of effective elements in achieving goals
 Employee involvement
 Conservation of natural resources

Sustainable tourism

 Tendency of development in leisure and tourism

Sustainable economics

 Elaboration of sustainability strategies
 Integration of sustainability into strategic and operational