MAGDA I the first small gas fuelled unit in this part of Europe

The project will be completed in the second half of 2021.

Initial work of the first pilot investment of the L-Energy project has already started. The 52 years old inspection motorboat from Szczecin will get a new life with power unit adapted to using (bio-)LNG as a fuel.

This will be the first such a small unit in this part of Europe. In the future Magda I will serve as a training facility to promote of more environmentally friendly power supply systems of e.g. inland-water small ships and therefore to contribute to the achievement of the goals defined by the EU Green Deal.



Inland vessels powered by traditional fuels emit into the atmosphere many harmful substances from the exhaust gases. They emit large amount of the nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). That is why the transport is in transition to eco-power.

Magda I will be the first small gas fuelled unit in this part of Europe.


Fuel of the Future

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has a significant effect on reducing exhaust emissions. It reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides by 90% and the emission of particulate matter by 95%. LNG as a marine fuel is increasingly used but only in large vessels.

L-Energy first pilot investment – conversion of the “Magda I” to use (bio-)LNG instead of diesel under preparation.

In October 2020 began the initial renovation of the MAGDA I in the Szczecin Shipyard. Old equipment including installation, has been removed from the motorboat. The Szczecin Shipyard replaced the sheets and sandblasted the hull. The Shipyard also paintend and protected the boat against corrosion.

Magda I, a vessel owned by the Meritime University of Szczecin will be converted to run on (bio-)LNG. Magda I will be the first small gas fuelled unit in this part of Europe.

Technical Data

  • Length: 18m
  • Breadth: 4,28m
  • Draught: 2,83 m
  • GT: 42,71
  • NT: 7,51
  • Carrying capacity: 5,5 t

Inspection Motorboat

MAGDA I was built in 1978 in Gdansk’s shipyard “Wista”.  For many years it was used as an inspection motorboat of the harbour master’s office in Szczecin. Right now it belongs to the Towarzystwo Krzewienia Wiedzy o Morzu.