Connect2SmallPorts Seminar on Port Digitalization Technologies

The goal of the seminar is to have an in-depth presentation of innovative digital technology solutions used by Baltic ports. The lessons learned from going through such projects would help in the creation of digitalization strategies in small ports located in the BSR area.


Jani Lindroos, Development Manager Port of Helsinki, will speak on 'Digitalization in Port of Helsinki: Roadmap & Use Cases'. Jani will start by going through how the port of Helsinki updated its Digital Roadmap at the beginning of 2021. Later on, he is going to present how they improved the way of working with digitalization projects. In the next step he would like to go through some of the use cases, both finished projects and cases still on the roadmap. In the end, Jani will say a few words about data and data ownership within the port community.

Niklas Lundkvist, Application Development/System Manager Port of Stockholm, presents 'Stockholm's Intelligent Terminal System'. The presentation of Niklas will consist of an introduction pointing out the main features of Stockholm's port systems. Then he would like to take a couple of minutes to talk about some significant changes in their work processes due to the digitalization of tasks that had earlier been done manually. Niklas plans to finish off by bringing up some examples where they have created new business opportunities by integrating ITS with the port's main business system. After a short break Olli Auer, Chief Operating Officer VRT Finland, will held a presentation on  'GISGRO- A smart solution to data management'. Olli would like to talk about digital twin and survey data utilization in asset management and port operations. The presentation will consist live demo of GISGRO with data of Port of Pietarsaari. Olli is a Civil Engineer with 15+ years of experience in underwater surveys and inspections in the port sector. Pioneer of 3D underwater structural inspections with extensive expertise in infrastructure life-cycle management. Registration is open.