Micro mobile (bio-)LNG refueling station first time on the streets of Gdansk

First footages of the new 3,5 t micro #lng #biolng refueling station on the streets of Gdansk. It’s time to change the paradigm. Green technology in Gdansk ♻️Meeting of the project partners at #GPNT in Gdansk. The world's first 3.5 t mobile liquefied refueling station #bioLNG or #LNG has its premiere. First pictures on the streets of the Metropolitan Area Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot


For the first time, a mobile station for refueling ecological fuel – liquefied gas LNG and bioLNG biogas – was launched on the streets of the Tri-City. The premiere of this prototype vehicle took place on May 16 during the first day of the Liquid Energy study visit. Project partners from Poland, Lithuania and Germany are working on green technologies to encourage the replacement of traditional fuel with less emission gas fuel.


Specialists in the field of energy, ecological transformation, green deal, as well as the fuel industry from Germany, Poland and Lithuania met in Gdańsk as part of a study visit of the Liquid Energy project.The two-day visit (May 16-17) is the first “live” meeting of Liquid Energy’s partners. So far, for over two years of the project, meetings were held online due to the pandemic.

– This project shows the importance of international cooperation, combining competences and knowledge across borders and clashing professionals from various industries. We show not only the theory, but above all ready-to-implement projects that affect the lives of ordinary people and change the world. We are also contributing to the energy transformation and making our European economies greener and more environmentally friendly, which is extremely important in today’s dynamic times- says Paweł Warszycki from the Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development at the University of Rostock, one of the German partners of the Liquid Energy project.


During the study visit, in addition to topics related to the implementation of the project, a mobile station for refueling liquefied methane, produced from natural gas (LNG) or biogas (bioLNG), appeared on the streets of the Tri-City for the first time.