LNG Maritime Training

Friday, 08th of June 2018

It´s a great pleasure to invite you to a LNG maritime training which is offered by BSR LNG competence centre and inwl gemeinnützige GmbH in cooperation with University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design Wismar and Logistics-Initiative Hamburg.


The scope and composition of training cover properties, threats, operations related to LNG and ways in which LNG can be used as a fuel or as a source fo heat and cold. Participants from BSR countries represent providers of LNG technologies, LNG suppliers, science institutions, maritime and port authorities, ship owners will learn about best practices involving LNG in energy and transport sectors.


Come explore new ideas, share an new experience and devlop cooperation possibilities!


09:00    Arrival and coffee

09:45    LNG in Port Equipment

              Lawrence Henesey, Blekinge Institute of Technology


10:20    Contribute to the safe operation of a ship subject to IGF Code

              Jarosław Poliński and Maciej Dziewiecki, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology


11:00    Procedures and devices providing the safety during LNG operations;

              Vytautas Paulauskas, Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre


11:30    Coffee break


11:50    Transfer/bunkering operation of LNG

              Vytautas Paulauskas, Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre


12:20    Take precautions to prevent hazards on a ship subject to the IGF Code

              Kinga Drwiega, Maritime University of Szczecin


13:00    Lunch and networking



14:00    Firefighting operations, Respond to emergencies

              Stefan Jankowski, Maritime University of Szczecin


15:00    Apply occupational health and safety precautions and measures 

              Marcin Przywarty, Maritime University of Szczecin


Participation is free of charge.


The scope and composition of training covers guidelines of STCW convention concerns maritime personnel competency required on a ship subject IGF Code and that certificate by BSR LNG CC will be given free of charge. 


Venue: Technologiepark Warnemünde GmbH, Friedrich-Barnewitz-Str. 5, 18119 Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany