Liquid Energy

Visiting Gdansk Recycling
Liquid Energy · May 17, 2022
Together with the partners of the #LiquidEnergy project, we were today at Zakład Utylizacyjny w Gdańsku in Miasto Gdańsk. We watched the degassing system of a landfill. Our experts check how biogas recovered from waste can be used.

Micro mobile (bio-)LNG refueling station first time on the streets of Gdansk
Liquid Energy · May 15, 2022
First footages of the new 3,5 t micro #lng #biolng refueling station on the streets of Gdansk. It’s time to change the paradigm. Green technology in Gdansk ♻️Meeting of the project partners at #GPNT in Gdansk. The world's first 3.5 t mobile liquefied refueling station #bioLNG or #LNG has its premiere. First pictures on the streets of the Metropolitan Area Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot

First cross border forum of Liquid Energy project

Liquid Energy · April 12, 2021
The project will be completed in the second half of 2021. Initial work of the first pilot investment of the L-Energy project has already started. The 52 years old inspection motorboat from Szczecin will get a new life with power unit adapted to using (bio-)LNG as a fuel. This will be the first such a small unit in this part of Europe. In the future Magda I will serve as a training facility to promote of more environmentally friendly power supply systems of e.g. inland-water small ships and...
Cool Gas as as Energy Source for Shipping
Liquid Energy · March 30, 2021
The Baltic Sea Region has favorable conditions to become an example of clean shipping in the global context. There is no lack of ambition in this area, region has well-developed competencies and the necessary infrastructure. Are we making the most of it? Our region is a front runner in terms of the established environmental standards, so the technological development should be adequate. As countries and regions are increasingly looking for sustainable solutions, businesses seek to adapt and...

Newsletter no. 2 published!
Liquid Energy · January 04, 2021
Dear all! Liquid Energy just worked out their Newsletter no. 2 on project milestones from 2020. The reporting devotes on the conversion of boat Magda 1, from diesel to LNG. Enjoy reading and keep up-to-date with Liquid Energy!

Liquid energy project sends Christmas greetings to everyone!

Liquid Energy · August 05, 2020
Magda-1, a vessel owned by the Meritime University of Szczecin will be converted to run on (bio-)LNG.