Our current Projects

Connect2SmallPorts: South Baltic Small Ports as Gateways towards Integrated Sustainable European Transport System and Blue Growth by Smart Connectivity Solutions (2018-2021)

Liquid Energy Liquefied (bio-)gas as a driving force for development and use of green energy technology. Decentralised supply of (bio) liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the southern Baltic Sea Region. (2020-2022)

Our completed Projects

GoLNG: LNG Value Chain for Clean Shipping, Green Prts and Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region (2016-2019)

Promotion of an innovation assistant "Development of novel methods for the master planning of seaport, airport and logistics infrastructure and areas for the innovative optimisation of logistic processes, an optimal utilisation of resources and the consideration of sustainable measures in terms of an economically, ecologically and socially balanced development". (2016-2018)